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MCS Magnetic Fluid Conditioners - A Note About Iron

There are two basic types of iron. One we help with more than the other. The type we help with the most is Ferric Iron. This iron "piggy backs" calcium and gives you the streaks in the toilet bowl- above the water line and/or where the water drips in the tub you get an orange or brown stain. MCS might not totally eliminate this type of iron (depends on the severity), but we make it easier to clean and it does not come back as fast.

The other type of iron (called Ferrous Iron) is a real problem. It appears clear when drawn, but when the water comes into contact with air, iron oxides and will be visible as red discolored water- the iron settles out as a film under the water line in the toilet bowl. You might also get splotches of orange on your light colored laundry - not just yellowing all over, but vivid stains. MCS might help a little bit with Ferrous Iron, but we would probably recommend an iron trap or filter first, then use the MCS system afterwards to handle the hardness problem.

Often, people are willing to try our system because we have such a good guarantee based on your satisfaction and because any other system for iron is going to be much more expensive.

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