MCS Water Conditioners clamp on the outside of existing water pipes!

Magnetic Water Conditioning by Magna Clean Systems, Inc., Inc.
Magnetic Water Conditioning by MCS!

MCS Magnetic Fluid Conditioners - Installation

The MCS Magnetic Fluid Conditioners are designed for the treatment of scale and corrosion in residential, commercial and light industrial applications or wherever difficult hard water problems exist. The MCS System controls the negative effects of hard water on plumbing systems and appliances.

The MCS Water Conditioners clamp on the outside of existing water pipes, you will not need to modify your plumbing, but if the MCS magnets stick to the tubing or pipe, they won't work. The accepted method of treatment in this case is to remove and replace a 18" to 24" section with either copper, plastic, PVC, rubber, aluminum, or stainless steel tubing or pipe.

For best results, always install MCS units a minimum of 24" downstream of any pump, elbow or other turbulence causing device. Ideally, magnetic treatment requires a laminar (smooth) flow of the fluid through the magnetic field for maximum effectiveness. In addition, the interaction between the energy of the turbulence and the treated fluid may cause a partial reversal of the treatment.

No tools are required. Just place the magnetic units over the pipe and install the two nylon bolts and wing nuts provided... that's it.

For a typical home, you would place two of the Model#512 units approximately one inch apart on the pipe coming into your home (somewhere between the meter and where the pipe enters the house) and one or two on the pipe coming out of the water heater. For pools and spas, place two of the magnets on the line coming out of the pump and going back to the pool. Attach units according to illustration below with MCS and arrows corresponding to fluid flow. Insert the long nylon bolts through the holes in both units with spacers and secure with wing nuts. Tighten the units until they are snug against the pipes. Mount the second unit tandem to the first to 1 apart. (Plastic zip ties can be substituted for nylon bolts if working in close quarters.)
Illustration to install two #512
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MCS Magnetic Water Conditioning #512