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MCS Magnetic Fluid Conditioners Summary

Condition your water the safe and natural way and use NO energy with
MCS Magnetic Water Conditioning!
Proven Magnetohydrodynamic Technology
Economical, No Maintenance
No Electrical Requirements
Quick, Easy Installation
No Chemical Additives
Clamp-on Design

MCS units use a series of strong magnetic fields in a computer designed configuration that causes an electron excitation to occur in the water. This causes calcium crystals to precipitate out in a low density "snowflake-like" form rather than the hard crystal "limestone-like" form that normally occurs in pipes and heat exchangers and other surfaces.

The Effects On Water

*Imparts a charge to the water as it passes through the magnetic field
*Causes calcium to be retained in solution rather than plating on surfaces
*Reduces the odor and taste of sulfur in most cases
*Does not add anything to the water or take anything out
*Will enhance the operation and efficiency of water softners
*Eliminates scale buildup
*Reduce the amount of chemicals needed in pools and spas
*Read the U.S. Department of Energy Technology Alert of January 1998

Why Should I use MCS…?
Scale and corrosion is a major challenge facing home owners, business and industry today. The heat-inhibiting problem of scale build-up costs billions of dollars each year. Chemical treatment is both expensive and environmentally questionable. Corrosion, algae and bacteria compound the problem. MCS units can help. MCS inhibits scale build-up in new pipes and, over time, removes scale from existing pipes, boilers, ice machines and other water using equipment.

Why is MCS the best product on the market?
Quality Control, we use the best materials available and the highest grade of magnets. Our research has developed the most effective product sold today and all units are checked prior to packaging to insure Zero defects in the field.

How Does MCS Work…?
Magnetic Water Treatment units are based upon Faraday's Law of Induction. When water passes through a sufficiently strong and properly configured magnetic field an electron excitation occurs in water, causing naturally occurring crystals in the fluid to precipitate out in a low density snowflake-like form (Aragonite) rather than the hard crystal lime- stone (Calcite) form normally associated with scale in pipes and heat exchangers.

Why do I need multiple units?
There are many factors that are critical to the performance of magnetic water treatment products. One factor is energy imparted to the water. MCS uses the most powerful ceramic magnets available. They focus their energy into the pipe which creates a long field for the water to pass through. This power, coupled with longer contact time of the water to the magnetic energy, equates to the most effective product available.

Will the product remove the minerals from the water?
No. The minerals that are in the water are good for your health. The problem is that they are bad for your plumbing MCS products will keep the minerals in solution so that they do not accumulate in your plumbing Or on your water heater element.

How will the MCS system save me money?
The U.S. Bureau of Standards reports that just 3/8" of scale build-up requires 55% more energy. That means an additional $247 more a year for that same hot water.

I have a water softner. Can the MCS System be of any benefit to me?
Absolutely! Install the MCS System on the water line before your softener and it will improve the efficiency of your softener by 40% to 60%. This could save hundreds of dollars per year in water cost to back-flush, in addition to the cost of salt. You will not be adding as much sodium to your water or dumping sodium laden water into the waste water system. Thereby doing your part to help conserve the environment.

What About The Cost…?
The initial cost of the MCS system is less than 1/2 of most water softeners and since there is no additional cost for energy, maintenance or chemicals the system will soon pay for it self.

Can I Install Them Myself...?
Yes. You can install them. It's simple! See installation instructions.

For The Typical Home Three (3) Model 512 units are required. Install Two (2) on the water pipe entering your home and One (1) on the hot water heater output pipe.
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Note: If you have multiple hot water heaters, you will need one for each heater to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Five reasons to choose MCS Magnetic Conditioners:

1. Contact time
The amount of time water is in contact with the magnetic field as it runs through a pipe is called "contact time." The amount of contact time is indicated by the length of pipe that is exposed to the magnetic field. The more contact time, the more effective the conditioning. Some magnetic water conditioners give the water only a half-inch of contact time. With MCS there is eleven inches of contact time on the incoming water line. That's a major difference.

2. Focus
The focus of the energy field is another essential factor. A magnetic water conditioning unit must be focused properly on the water that runs through the pipe. MCS uses a computer designed configuration that causes an electron excitation to occur in the water.

3. The Magnet's Strength
All MCS magnetic water conditioning products are made with grade 8 ceramic magnets developed by NASA. Ceramic magnets are the only material known to man to hold a permanent magnetic charge throughout a human's lifetime. In 125 years, these lose less than 3 percent of their power.

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U.S. Department of Energy Technology Alert # DOE/EE-0162, January 1998
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Untreated Water:
Microscopic photo of
untreated water with
hardness of 140 ppm,
magnified 400x.
Untreated water by MCS Magnetic Water Conditioning

Treated with Model
512 System: Same water
after treatment with
MCS Model 512 System,
magnified 400x.
Treated water by MCS Magnetic Water Conditioning

Typical scale and
calcium build-up
caused by untreated
Before MCS Magnetic Water Conditioning

The affect of magnet-
ically treated water
on the same section of
pipe a short time after
During MCS Magnetic Water Conditioning

After continual treatment,
most scale is removed and
will be prevented as long
as the system is in operation.
After MCS Magnetic Water Conditioning