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It's not often that reading 2 or 3 pages can change your life, but you might be amazed at how many ordinary people are doing just that. Studies show that the average person reads a page of information in about 3 minutes. So in as little as 10 minutes from now, you could discover one of the best kept secrets In America. Somebody cared enough to show me a way out... Now I Want To show you! I used to dream of financial freedom while working in a ditch doing plumbing work in Austin, Texas. Then I got smart (I thought) and I hired a whole bunch of plumbers to work for me and that was even worse. They were making more money than I was and I had more headaches than ever. Then I caught myself dreaming again.

But each time I began dreaming, the stark reality hit me that I was going to do plumbing the rest of my life because I knew I would never retire. My Dad, Uncle and brother all did the same thing. This was my fate. Fortunately for me, someone brought me hope one winter evening. I was taking care of my young children and my wife was working to help make ends meet. Hope for me came in the form of a Home- Based Business presentation. Yes, I know what you may be thinking: Yeah right, is this another get rich quick scheme? I, too, felt mighty skeptical when opportunity came knocking... but at least I opened the door.

I was scared, but I knew I had to do something or my life would not change. Living in an average house, driving a broken down GMC pick-up I knew that my wife and I were going nowhere unless we did something different from what we were doing. I must admit I was a little scared... not of hard work, but of possibly making the wrong decision. We had no money, and no time to lose. Then we stumbled across an amazing secret. A secret that allowed my wife  and I to fulfill every dream we ever had. The secret was so simple that we built a company around it. Best of all, you can now use this secret and build your very own profitable business from home. But now the home is a two story, 6 bedrooms and I drive a new Mercedes. Home- Based Business Opportunity works. Not only did it change my life, but also I have personally seen it change the lives of many other people.

Do these success stories sound too good to be true? Continue dreaming with me for a bit more I could fill twenty pages with success stories, but this letter is about you. The person who has given you this information packet feels you have the potential to be a success with MCS. In twelve years we've grown from a small in-home operation to a corporation that will approach two million dollars in wholesale volume this year! Our Product is manufactured here in the USA and by far the fastest growing business in America today. Every home in America needs this environmentally safe and natural water conditioning system. Come and join us, and all the Magnetic Sales representatives around the world to make MCS a household name.

All this may make you wonder if we have saturated our market. Not at all! Our markets, In Home Magnetic Water Conditioning Systems, are expanding even faster than we have grown. In other words, we have more available market than we did when we got started. We need 500 new representatives nationwide immediately, and we'll need 1,000 more next year. Exceptional incomes are possible with our program. We provide great profits and a proven method of building a great income for the future. If you're ready to work, MCS can put you behind the wheel of any car you desire in the next twelve months. All you have to do is follow our proven program.

The Secret Revealed For Building A Successful Business, sell a product that that everyone needs! I told you that it was simple. Here is the secret formula my wife  and I stumbled across, that has helped make this company so powerful over the last twelve years. First, you need a product that helps solve a common problem, can help solve it quickly, is proprietary product and renders more value than the customer pays for. Second, you need a simple, duplicable marketing system. We have both!!

Making money with this product is simple. Our representatives can use an amazingly simple 10-minute demonstration, which effectively sells our MCS magnetic water conditioner to 75% of all prospects who agree to a home demo. The product sells itself. The profits begin at over $200 per sale and increase with rank to $480. 1 sale per week could generate up to $25,000 in annual income a very significant return for a part-time effort! You Can Do This, We Are Going To Help You, Your Timing Is perfect. Your best selling tool is your personal experience with this amazing product. Training, literature and Representatives Education Programs (30-minute phone coaching classes) will be provided. One on one participation is good. A 3-Way Call with your prospective customer is always an option. I travel extensively around the States, so when I’m in town bring your people to see me; we can do the job with you.

Drive It Around The Block I invite you to try MCS. With our Lifetime Warranty, where is the risk? Your investment is backed by the product that you have on hand. The person who sent you this packet will show you how you can try a system and find out more about getting started!

Ordinary People Are Getting Incredible Results, Why Not You And Why Not Now! Most people spend more time each year planning a trip to see relatives than they do planning their life. I am going to ask you to do something for me, but mostly for yourself and for your family. Before you make a decision to disregard this proposal, give it at least 15 minutes of your undivided attention. Begin with the call to 1-877-278-2253. You just might find like many others that MCS is exactly what you have been dreaming of. I invite you to contact the person who sent you this business opportunity to answer any questions you may have. I truly hope to see you become a part of our fast -growing team of entrepreneurs.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Magna Clean Systems, Inc.

P S. Try one of our amazing Magnetic Water Conditioners your self. RISK- FREE. When you start you will get FREE training from MCS, and many other top leaders. Your timing couldn't be better. You can do this! Call the person who sent you this package right now, get your questions answered and then get started. You could be missing up to thousands of dollars in lost opportunity by waiting. Don't put this off.

Within the next 24 months, I predict you will be saying one of two things:
I.) You wished you had taken action or
2.) You're glad you did. I hope you decide to join us. Whatever your decision, I wish you the best life has to offer.

The results from this business are from real people who built successful businesses. The incomes they are earning stem from hard work and their determination to succeed. The results are atypical. As with any business venture, your results will depend on your effort and determination to succeed. No income guarantees are expressed or implied. Contact us and find out how you can change your life!

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